growth hacking

Inside You'll Learn:

The secrets behind a $5M per day mobile game (Clash of Clans) that uses game design hacks and promotional partnerships to reach massive audiences and keep them coming back for more.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for growth hacking (Written by Vin Clancy, who used these growth hacking tactics to go from being on welfare to getting 300K visitors a month to his websites, doing talks at Google's London campus, getting into Techstars London and having investors fund him $250K - ALL in the space of just a few months!)

How To Pitch The Press - The Definitive Guide Get the exact step-by-step media outreach tactics that helped Dmitry Dragilev take his startup from 0 to 40M pageviews and get it acquired by Google.

Plus More proven, actionable tactics the world's fastest growing startups use for getting millions of users, subscribers and customers.