A Freaky Psychic Marketing Superpower (That You Can Steal)

psychic photo

Photo by Gamma Man

Let me ask you a very important question:

If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be?

X-Ray vision?

Super strength?

The ability to fly?

The Incredible Hulk’s severe, untreated anger management issues?

When I was a kid growing up, my friends and cousins and I were all really into comic books (I believe the technical term is “we were a bunch of huge freaking nerds”), and we loved to play around and pretend to be our favorite superheroes and have “superhero battles”.

One of my cousins would be Wolverine from the X-Men (one time, he even made a pair of fake Adamantium claws from aluminum foil!).

(imagine this, only much crappier)

Another one would pretend to be his favorite hero, Spider-Man.

I guess maybe we were ahead of our time, because who knew that a couple of decades later, superhero movies would be bringing in bajillions of dollars (that’s bajillion, with a “B”) at the box office every year? Not to mention Netflix series, regular TV shows, and every kind of merchandise you can think of (I’m lookin’ at you, Batman(TM) brand daily fiber supplements).

I think one of the reasons these movies are so popular is because, like me and my cousins when we were growing up, people love the idea of having superpowers.

What’s cooler than being able to do something that nobody else in the world can do?

When you think about it, as marketers, we have superpowers, too.

We can do things that few other people know how to do (So yay, us!).

One of the most profitable superpowers any marketer can develop is mind control.

I’m talkin’ bout PERSUASION, baby.

I’m talkin’ bout the ability to get inside of your customer’s heads and trigger an insatiable desire to get their grubby little mitts on whatever you’re offering RIGHT NOW.

What’s cool about marketing superpowers is that you don’t need to be born a mutant or get bitten by a radioactive gerbil to get them.

Marketing superpowers can be LEARNED.

And if you want to boost the heck out of your mind control powers, then you need to master the art of writing copy.


Fortunes have been made on the strength of a good sales letter or email copy (for example, a sales letter selling Wall Street Journal subscriptions was mailed for 28 years straight and brought in over TWO BILLION dollars in sales).

If you want to learn the secret to how copywriter Martin Conroy was able to get crazy results like that with his classic Wall Street Journal ad, plus:

  • How to find your market’s “hot buttons” without guessing.
  • A secret step in the copywriting process that basically forces your ads to write themselves.
  • The trick copywriter Mal Decker used to write the sales letter that finally knocked Conroy’s billion dollar ad off the throne, and became the new control ad, and King of Copylandia!

Then you should check out the Copywriting Crash Course, by direct response copywriter John Anghelache. It’s chock fulla proven tactics to turn words into money, and works with sales letters, landing pages, email copy and more.


John knows his stuff, and like Galactus from the Fantastic Four comics, he can imbue mere mortals with amazing marketing powers.

Now, before I go, allow me to get all Uncle Ben on you for a second. Remember: With great power comes great responsibility, and use your marketing powers for (profitable) good.

Talk to you soon.