Here’s 3 Proven Methods To Piggyback Your Way To Massive Growth

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I’ve got a little secret for you.

The most successful people I know are usually kinda lazy.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, they know how to hustle and get shit done.


They’re always looking for an easier way to get the same or better results with less effort.

Basically, the really successful people I know are great at using leverage.

Sometimes this leverage means automation.

Sometimes it means outsourcing.

But usually it means taking advantage of someone else’s hard work so they can benefit from it.

As marketers and growth people, one of the best ways we can use leverage is by tapping into existing audiences who match our ideal customer profile.

Whatever you’re offering, there’s already somebody out there who’s spent time, effort and money building up an audience of customers or readers or followers, and making the right connection with the right influencer can take you from a “who?” to a household name faster than you can say “Kardashian”.

The 3 articles below each show you a different tactic you can use to tap into a bigger platform in order to reach new users and customers, much faster than you could if you went it alone.

How To Get Featured On Large Publications (Without Guest Posting)

Ever wanted to grab your piece of that sweet, sweet HuffPo traffic but didn’t know where to start? Who to reach out to? What to say? Well, jump up and do a little dance because here Sarah Peterson from SumoMe breaks down the exact process she uses to get her blog posts republished on major sites like Elite Daily that get millions of views.

Sarah even includes templates of the actual pitch emails she sends out to editors at these sites.

How To Growth Hack Using Partnerships: An Online Marketing Strategy

Marketing superdude Jay Abraham has said that using partnerships (he calls them host/beneficiary relationships) is the one marketing tactic he’d keep if he had to give up all his other marketing tactics. And with good reason, since the right partnership can bring in new users and customers for years and years. Think of the companies that partner with Google or Samsung to get their apps defaulted on Android devices.

This guide from Chris Hexton at Vero gives examples of how companies are using partnerships to get massive distribution by solving problems for their partners. As he says:

Think about products complimentary to your own. How can you help the creators of those products solve a problem that they have?

How To Pitch Journalists – The Definitive Guide

Dmitry from Criminally Prolific knows his shit when it comes to getting startups covered in the press. He used publicity to grow his previous site to 40M pageviews until Google swooped in and acquired it.

Here’s Dmitry’s exact process for pitching the press, from coming up with content ideas, to the importance of “clickworthiness” in framing your story, to how to go about identifying and contacting journalists without coming across as some spammy rando.
You now have 3 proven ways to leverage existing platforms and audiences to get massive distribution really quickly. Now actually do the thing, and maybe you’ll make it onto the next episode of Lifestyles of the Successful and Lazy

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