Six-Figure Fortunes Hiding In The Trash

trashcan photo

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – some smart dead guy, probably.

You’ve probably heard the term “dumpster diving” before.

It’s where people, well, dive into dumpsters looking for food or other goodies that people have thrown away.

Dumpster diving is usually associated with people who are desperate or poor enough that the prospect of digging around in trash for a meal or someone’s discarded junk seems worth it.

But did you know that there are people out there that make up to $2,500 a night dumpster diving?

Now I’m not advising you to solve your money problems by going out dumpster diving.

To paraphrase Marge Simpson, that sounds like it could be a good way to end up with parasites.

What I do want you to realize is the lesson the story of the professional dumpster divers teach us.

Sometimes we don’t realize we’re sitting on assets that are worth more than we appreciate.

For example, your customer/subscriber list.

We’ve all heard people say, “the money’s in the list”, but think of the different ways you could turn that list into a bigger source of profits:

  • You could increase your #of sales by promoting products to your list more often.
  • You could increase your average purchase size by selling higher priced, bundled products or upselling additional products right after they purchase from you.
  • You could increase the frequency of purchase by setting up a monthly subscription or membership.
  • You could use your list to get more customers by setting up a partnership with another company that serves your market. You promote their product to your list and they promote you to theirs.

And it’s not just your list. There’s intellectual property, your specialized skills and knowledge, your existing products, your business processes, your existing ads and sales materials. All can be monetized and could mean a major influx of cash into your business, just by taking advantage of assets you already have.

Just like the professional dumpster divers, you’d be profiting from something sitting right there in plain site.

Only unlike the dumpster divers, you’ll (probably) never have to fight off a family of rats living inside an old Dell monitor (probably!).

There are lots more easy wins out there for any business looking to make more sales with less time and effort.

And someone who’s mastered these shortcuts is Jay Abraham, who’s strategies have pulled in billions of dollars in increased profits for thousands of companies from small businesses to brands like Microsoft.

You can get a bunch of Jay’s free stuff here.

In fact, there’s probably nobody alive better than Jay at helping you find the hidden assets in your business (almost every business has them) and turn it into more customers and cash quickly.

He calls these strategies ‘Stealth Marketing” because they let you run circles around your competitors without them even being able to figure out how you’re doing it. Start getting your Stealth Marketing on here.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Remember, if you’re going to dumpster dive, use protection. Because what happens in the dumpster, doesn’t always stay in the dumpster.

Till next time,